Fettuccine Primavera -
Fresh Roma tomatoes, arugula, marinated eggplant, black olives, garlic and made-to-order fettuccine pasta.
Enzo's favorite for this week. Best served with Enzo's house made fennel sausage.

Quasanella Cena Perfetta -
(Perfect Quasanella Dinner)
A mix of green herbs, marinated apples, cherry tomatoes, formaggio fresco, toasted almonds and house dressing, topped with quasanella all-beef sausage made right here at Enzo's Caffe Italiano.

Polipo Rosso -
The rocky shores of Trani provide the perfect environment for wild octopus and this culinary joy of the Puglia region.
Wild caught octopus cooked in Enzo's famous marinara sauce, seasoned with capers, garlic, parsley and reduced red primitivo wine, one whole octopus served over a bed of thick linguine pasta that is made at the time you order.
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Antipasto Pugliese - Let your expert server guide you in selecting and assortment of delicious antipasti. A delicious mix of freshly prepared vegetables, meats, seafood and other assorted Puliese prepared finger foods available. Enjoy the flavor of "spuntini di Pulia" (finger food of Pulia).

Caprese Adriatica - Fresh house-made mozzarella with Capra cheese and basil. Prepared over a bed of fresh thick-cut tomatoes and served with Pugliese olives.
Mediterranean - Arugula, pomodori, cipolle (onion), cetriolo (cucumber), olio, pepe é aceto balsamico bianco (salt, pepper, white balsamic vinegar).
Erbe Aromatiche - Mix of herbs, arugula, shaved grana and house dressing.
Cioppino Barese - Delicious seafood mix with spices and fresh pomodorini.
Cavatelli e Fasul - Handmade cavatelli with slow cooked white canelli beans.
Cialledda - Fresh sliced mushrooms, onion, oregano, basil, tomato and egg served over a slice of Enzo's famous bread. Topped with pecorino cheese.

Margerita - House-made mozzarella fresca, Sanmarzano pomodoro and basilico.
Cinque Terre - House-made mozzarella fresca, pancetta, shaved parmiggiano, fresh pomodoro, arugula and black pepper.
Campagnolo - Salciccia, funghi, carchiofi and arugula.

Linguine Pescatore - Cozze (clams) and calamari in bianco con vino, garlic, parsely.
Spaghetti Profumati - Fresh crushed basil with Sanmarzano tomatoes, garlic and Vacchino cheese. (Vegetarian plate)
Pappardelle ai Fungi - Crimini (mushrooms) and asparagi with crème cheese sauce. (Vegetarian plate)
Altamura - Cavatelli pasta, fasull, clams, and sausage with a touch of marinara sauce.
Polpettone Chitarra - Large well-seasoned polpettone in marinara sauce, served with spaghetti.
Pesto di Lecce Originale - Fresh made basil pesto, fresh chopped tomatoes, patate fritte (fried potatoes) and a touch of cream.
Carbonara Pugliese - Pancetta, peas, egg, and carmalized onion, served with penne pasta.
Palmiggian Barese - Eggplant al forno in pomodoro sauce, mozzarella and parmiggiano reggiano. (Vegitarian plate)
Lasagna Materana - Creamy meat sauce with besciamella (crème), zucchini, mozzarella, oven-baked.
Macaroni con Sugo - Bolognese meat sauce over rigatoni pasta.

Braciola di Masseria - Famous Braciole di Bari: rolled beef seasoned with garlic, parsley and spices. Roasted and served over chicory and creamy fasul. Topped with pecorino and served with pane di Gesu. ( Enzo's favorite this week )
Agnello del Orto - Roasted lamb ribs shoulder marinated with spices. Served with eggplant skin fungitella and roasted polenta bread. (Friday and Saturday only)
Porchetta di Gravina in Puglia - This dish is from Gravina in Puglia, famous for the way its seasoned and its special roasting method. Typically the Porchetta is served with fresh bread and olive oil. In Gravina di Puglia the dish has evolved into a full dinner plate. Served patate di forchetta, asparagus and a thick slice of Porchetta, glazed with plum sauce.
Capra di Pignatella - Wild goat prepared the traditional Alta Murgia way. Cooked in a pignata (clay pot) and spiced with wild fennel. (Friday and Saturday only).
La Rotonda sull Mare Adriatico - La Rotonda is a piazza at the edge of the Adriatic Sea. This destination is famous for its romantic atmosphere and the locally prepared, delicious seafood dishes. Prepared with fresh clams, large scampi and cuttlefish are served with fresh peeled grape tomatoes, marinated eggplant, garlic, salted capers, parsley, mint, and white wine.
Pepata di Mare - Cozze (mussels), vongole (clams), tomato, parsley, garlic, black pepper, capers.
Santo Spirito - Pan fried calamari with capers, a wonderfull dish to be enjoyed with our homemade bread.
La Fanova - Thick-cut beefsteak marinated and then slowly cooked to perfection, prepared with a blend of fava beans and wild chicory, served over polenta.

Freshly made treats for a beautiful end to the perfect meal.
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